Lawn, Tree and Shrub Care

Professional landscape management enhances the health, beauty and value of your property.

The landscaping on your property represents a substantial investment. The planning and care taken when it was installed could be wasted without professional management. When you select Alan Horticultural Enterprises as your landscape management company your valuable investment will be protected.

Lawn Care

We begin the evaluation process of your property “from the ground up” because the turf is the first thing noticed when viewing a property. Proper fertilization guarantees the first impression of your property is positive. When broadleaf weed control is added to the fertilization program, a virtually weed free lawn is achieved. Applications are handled by experienced, state-certified professionals using EPA approved methods.

Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and shrub care by experts is an essential part of your property's total landscape program. Loss of mature, attractive trees and shrubs is expensive, and neglect of younger plantings inhibits their development. It's a proven fact that mature, well cared for landscapes increase property values.

Without professional care, variables such as drought, heat and insects can cause the death of even healthy and mature specimens. These forces weaken a plant's defenses and allow disease an opportunity to gain a dangerous and costly foothold.

Alan's tree and shrub specialists know when and how to care for northern Illinois species. Feeding, spraying and pruning require timely, exacting procedures and the use of the proper materials.

Weekly Inspections

The most critical component of our overall landscape management program is performed on a weekly basis. Your Account Representative will inspect your property on a weekly basis so disease and insect infestations are diagnosed quickly before they become widespread.

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